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les infos de La Bignole

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29  06 juillet 1924  13


 Page one - The Wimbledon tournament: Jean Borotra is world tennis champion.

 Page two - Landru's villa finds no fans.

Same page - Opening of the Olympic Games: in drawing Géo André taking the oath.

L'Écho de Paris

 Page one - We can organize ourselves: We must defend ourselves from the Union of the Left, called the Cartel.

 Page three - Car accidents: one every 27 years for a careful driver.

La Justice

 Page one - 2,600 tenants will be evicted to allow the expansion of Montparnasse station.

Same page - Fascism reestablished in Italy, the terrorizing inquisition of the Middle Ages!

 Page two - The past few weeks have been full of events, and each of them has a lesson. Tomorrow's task...

Same page - In Dauphiné, a village devastated by a mudslide. Weather events keep happening again... is it for the same reasons?

And also - the internationalism of sport penetrates crowds and young people much more than intellectual internationalism. Apart from passages written in the spirit of the times, a text which has its place in the 21st century.

La Presse

 Page one - The School on Wheels, the fairground class includes 152 students.

Le Journal

 Page three - A communist veto to the inauguration of a monument.

Le Petit Journal illustré

 Page ten - Weekly recreation at La Bignole, it smells like vacation! A single anagram, and of course the solutions for June 1st.

Same page - The fables of La Fontaine illustrated, this time for the "charbon de Belloc" but still sponsored by Cie Frère, and still in La Bignole.

Le Petit Écho de la mode

 Page five - Our little ignorances, from yesterday to today. Did you know? Where do you know?

The origin of the cedilla that is placed under the C. So all the "François" know why they are called "François" and not "Franczois", only the cannon shots, those that are fired as salvos of honor are 101 in number, and not 100 in number, thanks to a Germanic tradition from Augsburg. But the origin of the tie, the band of fabric, more or less wide, which surrounds the neck. A little bet on the origin and date of appearance? Historical revision in perspective! As for fashionistas, why are you wearing a "vest" As for social news, the origin of the expression "to strike", the mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, must in principle know the enigma! And what's new on the Parisian strike front as the Olympics approach? And a little trip to Brittany will make some noise in Landerneau, thanks to the heirs of Mr. Kerlebon and in particular to Allain. That being a “malotru” is ultimately just a coincidence of astrology And the origin of the dessert “the four beggars”. Simply a question of color! And the last minardise of La Bignole, a minister, a simple servant? But where are we going?

 Page six - The weekly housewife's notebook, with some seasonal recipes and, like every week, a suggestion of dishes to compose your menu. And the recipes for: 175 mackerel à la Bernaise, perfect for the next barbecue, but you also need an oven - 176 veal liver in matelote - 177 Turkish tomatoes - 178 rabbit à la Marengo - 179 stuffed eggplants - 180 macaroons with pistachios - And on the same page, the good cuisine of France, two regional ways to enjoy potato brioches

Same page - A bon mot worthy of the Palais-Bourbon


 Page one - The Olympic Games in photos. No one escapes the opening ceremony.

Page five - The problem and game n°188 played between Bogoljubov and Thomas during the Hopatcong tournament, which as its name does not indicate is located in New Jersey in the USA. And, of course, the solution to problem n°187.

 Page six - The news of the week in photos. From lunch at the Élysées to police officers injured by a thief, via Wimbledon or the cycling Tour de France...

Le Figaro

 Pages One Two Three et Four: Au hasard de la lecture du journal...

Z P Figaro 1924 07 06 Page 05 5Page five - Fécamp: the port, one of the first French ports, and the history of Bénédictine

Le Figaro littéraire

 Page One Two Three and Four: history and its anecdotes, Ms. Récamier, new books, poems... reading in perspective.

29 juin 1924 13 juillet 1924