Journal des débats 10 avril 1924

After the disaster in Japan


A letter from Mr. Matsui

Mr. Matsui, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Japan, sent the following letter to Mr. Bellet, mission manager in Japan by the Paris Press Syndicate, which we are pleased to reproduce:

Tokyo, February 4, 1924.

Mr Chief Doctor,

It was with deep emotion that I attended the beautiful inauguration ceremony of the base hospital, offered to the Japanese government by the Paris Press Union, a manifestation of France's feelings towards the unfortunate victims of the tremors. of land, which you and your mission brought from so far and installed in the capital of the Empire.

I was able to see first-hand the perfection and richness of its equipment, and I am convinced that your hospital will not only render important services in alleviating the ills caused by the disaster, but that it will be itself a valuable lesson in Japanese medicine.

This visit once again made visible to me the great benevolence of the Government of the Republic, the warm sympathy of the French nation, and the tireless efforts of the Press Union.

I also understood and appreciated the enormity of the task that you and your colleagues were able to carry out by transporting without any damage and installing all this immense equipment in so few days.

On the eve of your departure from this land where you accomplished such a benevolent and fruitful mission, I would like to express here, on behalf of the Japanese government, to you and all your collaborators, my warmest thanks and I requests to convey to the French nation the expression of the moved gratitude of the people of Japan.

Please accept, Mr. Chief Doctor, the assurance of my highest consideration. Signed K. MATSUI.

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