Le Petit Écho de la mode 10 février 1924

We melt half a quarter of good fresh butter, mix in as much sifted flour and then add a good half liter of milk.
So we work in full heat for five minutes. We incorporate six egg yolks, a hundred grams of parmesan; add salt, pepper and
nutmeg grain.
When it first boils, remove from the heat, invert onto an oiled plate, spread this mixture to a thickness of about one centimeter, and leave to cool.
When it is cold, cut with a round cookie cutter of approximately four centimeters in diameter.
We move on to the beaten egg first, and then to the bread crumbs, After which we fry in a very hot frying pan and serve on a napkin, with fried parsley.
And we have small Burgundy fondues, which even outside Burgundy, constitute an absolutely exquisite dish.

small vegan fondue bourguignonne