Les Dimanches de la Femme 10 février 1924

Good food
Old-fashioned soup.
Three carrots, three turnips, three leeks, two large onions, two stalks of celery, 100 gr. butter, salt, pepper.
Peel, wash these vegetables, cut them into julienne strips; pass them, with half the butter, into the pan. When everything is colored a beautiful red, add the white bean cooking water; salt, pepper, cook for four hours over low heat. When ready to serve, add the remaining butter and pour into the soup bowl where you have placed the julienned bread crust and serve immediately.
Fried skate.
One kilogram of skate, salt, vinegar, parsley branches, flour and frying, seasoning vegetables.
Put the skate, well washed, cook in cold water with thyme, bay leaf, onions, carrots, parsley, pepper, salt, cloves, half a glass of vinegar; cover with a lid. Remove it after a few boils and keep it on the corner of the stove. When ready to serve, remove it from the water, remove the skin on each side with the back of a knife; cut it into pieces, marinate it with salt, vinegar, parsley; drain it on a cloth and flour it top and bottom. Fry to a nice color, serve garnished with fried parsley and lemon slices.
Chicken with onions.
An old hen, 100 gr. of bacon, fifteen small onions, an egg of butter, half a spoonful of powdered sugar, three large onions, two carrots, a bay leaf, thyme, salt.
Pick up the hen, put it in the saucepan, where it should bathe in water, with carrots, large onions, salt, etc., and the bacon; it must cook for four or five hours, always covered with boiling water. Glaze the small onions in a saucepan with the butter over low heat; when they are frozen, add the sugar, moisten them with a little of the cooking from the chicken, bind this sauce with a little starch and serve the chicken well white surrounded by onions.
Cheese potatoes.
Grated Gruyère cheese 150 gr., twelve beautiful apples of ferre, 100 gr. fresh butter, pepper, a little salt.
Cook the yellow potatoes in a little salted water; peel them, grind them in the colander; arrange them in layers of two centimeters in a deep dish; separate each layer of potatoes with a layer of grated cheese and butter with a little pepper; when all the potatoes are thus arranged, cover with a layer of cheese, put a few knobs of butter on top, put in the oven for a quarter of an hour to take on a nice hazelnut color.
Mutton with green beans.
A kilo of mutton shoulder, a kilo of green beans, 75g of butter, a spoonful of flour, a bouquet garni, a clove of garlic.
Cut the shoulder into regular pieces, brown them in butter; when they are all browned throughout, remove them, add the flour, make a roux, when it has a nice color, wet it with water, salt, pepper, add the garlic and the bouquet, put the meat back; when it is almost cooked, put the beans that you have peeled, washed and cooked in salted water without covering them. Leave to simmer for ten minutes, degrease the sauce and serve. You can also add half green beans and half new potatoes, passed in butter where they will half cook.
Tunisian biscuit.
Work for a quarter of an hour four egg yolks with 125 gr. very vanilla sugar. Fill half of this mixture in small paper boxes, bake in a very gentle oven for half an hour.
Alice Cake.
Beat three eggs into a foamy omelette, add nine spoonfuls of powdered sugar, then twelve of flour, always turning, Add your favorite flavor and place in a buttered flat mold in a medium oven. Cooking time: approximately twenty minutes. Stores well.


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