L'Éclaireur du dimanche 10 février 1924

Traveling incognito, under the name of Prince Abbas, H.M.I. the Shah of Persia is our host, coming from Paris.
He is accompanied by princes Nosrat-el-Saltaneh and Azod-el-Soltan and by Mr. Poncet, special commissioner of the Gare de Lyon in Paris, attached to his person during his trip to France.
When he got off the wagon, the Shah was greeted by: Mr. Fr. Huot, Secretary General of the Alpes-Maritimes; Mr. Pierre Gautier, Mayor of Nice; Mr. Back de Surany, Consul General of Persia; Mr. Bossard, director of the State Police; Mr. Baudot, special commissioner; Mr. Gonnet, principal deputy station chief at P.-L.-M.; Mr. Pudebat, Deputy Chief of Security: MM. Edouard and V.-P. Kitabgi Khan and members of the Upper Persian Colony in our city.
Accompanied by MM. Huot, Pierre Gautier and Back de Surany, the sovereign went immediately, by car, to the Hotel Negresco, where he will reside during his stay in Nice.

 shah of Persia