La Presse 10 février 1924

Does it still exist?...
We respectfully want to talk about the navel of Jesus Christ.
There existed, in fact, in the 17th century, at the cathedral of Châlons-sur-Marne, a relic, containing, it was said, the “navel of Jesus Christ”.
Mgr de Noailles, bishop of the city, finding this relic disrespectful, wanted to have it removed. (We find this story in the “Historical Memoirs of the Province of Champagne”, by Baugier, T. 11, p. 107).
Baugier was a Châlonnais magistrate who refused, he said, to sign Monseigneur's minutes.
The relic of the Holy Navel was for the Factory of Notre-Dame, the occasion of a recipe which was made on January 1st. We read in the accounts of this factory “From the day of the new year (new) for the offerings of several good people, to kiss the holy navel of Our Lord, on the said day, 6 livres 5 s. »
The town of Châlons sued the bishop, but lost.
But what happened to this relic?

the Holy Navel of Jesus-Christ